The Clubb for the Taking and Prosecution of the Party or Parties responsible for the Manufacture and Placement of the Infernal Engines lately Exploded at Crane Court, Orney's Shipyard, &c. (shortened to The Clubb; not to be confused with The Kit-Cat Clubb), is a short-term confederation of people led by Daniel Waterhouse. Other members of the Clubb include Mr Threader, Henry Arlanc, Mr. Kiken and Norman Orney. Daniel, Mr. Threader (a money scrivener) and Henry Arlanc (porter of the Royal Society) are members because they were present when the infernal device exploded in Crane Court. Norman Orney is a member because the second infernal device destroyed one of three ships he was building for Russian tsar Peter the Great. Mr. Kiken is a member because he is the tsar's agent supervising the building of the three warships. Though not a member of the Clubb, Mr. Kiken's bodyguard is often present at their meetings, as is Saturn, who, among other his other roles, serves as a bodyguard for Daniel Waterhouse. Sir Isaac Newton becomes a member later in the story when it is learned that Jack the Coiner (whom Newton is pursuing for adulterating the Pyx) is somehow responsible for the crimes.

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