The Societas Eruditorium is a vaguely-described esoteric organization that is involved in the events of the Baroque Cycle, Cryptonomicon, and Fall, or Dodge in Hell. Its membership includes Enoch Root and Solomon, and it is not clear whether any other characters in the various novels are also members or the extent to which they are aware of its existence. Its ultimate purpose is not explicitly described, though its efforts include the accumulation of knowledge and technology.

In Chapter 47 of Fall, or Dodge in Hell, Enoch and Solly visit Corvallis Kawasaki. During the meeting, Enoch informs Corvallis that Corvallis is "the only person left" in the Societas Eruditorum. Enoch further informs Corvallis that Enoch and Solly are not members, but "more like the advisory board" of Societas Eruditorum.

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