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Quicksilver (volume)
Cover of Quicksilver Trade PB 9780060593087
Author Neal Stephenson
Books Quicksilver
The King of the Vagabonds
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Quicksilver is the first volume in Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. It consists of three books, Quicksilver, The King of the Vagabonds, and Odalisque.

Significance of the titleEdit

Quicksilver has several meanings relevant to many of the books of the Cycle.

  • The element of mercury, also known as "quicksilver," is important in gold and silver mining
  • Quicksilver was used in a number of early scientific instruments
  • In Roman mythology, Mercury is a fleet-footed god of trade, profit, and commerce
  • "Quicksilver" is one of Jack Shaftoe's many names

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