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Bonaventure Charles Rossignol (1649-1705) is a real historical figure who was a French cryptanalyst and advisor to Louis XIV. He lived in a small, though fine, villa at Juvisy (near both Paris and Versailles) and inherited the role of court cryptanalyst from his father. In "Vol 2. The Confusion", he becomes one of Eliza's most passionate lovers in September 1688.

With Louis XIV's blessing, Rossignol collaborates with Edouard de Gex in a plot to locate and capture Jack Shaftoe by intercepting and forging secret messages being passed between the Vrej Esphahnian and his extended family. Within this plot, Rossignol is conducting a secret and simultaneous counter-plot to protect Eliza from de Gex. Indeed, Rossignol often goes to great lengths to assist Eliza whenever she is in trouble. He is secretly father's Eliza's son, though is indifferent to the child.

In a passage from Eliza's point of view, Rossignol is described as being unhandsome, of wiry build and having a metabolism so strong that he can singlehanded heat up a chilly bedroom. Eliza's pet name for him is "Bon-bon", which he dislikes but tolerates.

In real life, Rossignol died in 1705. As this falls in the span of years between Vol 2 and Vol 3, he simply disappears from the narrative.

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